3 plants that difficult to grow but worth it.

Image of Moth Orchid.

Moth Orchid (Phalaenopsis spp)

Orchid are beautiful plants that come in many different colors and can add lots of personalitiy to a room. But they are often not properly kept and die after a few weeks of buying causing it to be diffcult to keep alive.

The first step to keeping them alive is to reduce the amount of times to water the plant as it can die from over watering. The difficult part comes when it is time to water as too much or too little may kill it.

Water the plant only when it is the soil is dry to the touch, you may even go the extra step to put your finger in the soil and check the dryness of the soil as the top layer of soil maybe more dry compared to underneath the top layer.
Instead of watering it normally, place 2 medium size ice cubes on top layer of soil and slowly let it melt into the soil.

Orchid also have preferences as some prefer more water than others so you will have to experiment with it.

Tip: Orchids can get sunburn so no direct sunlight but they also the lack of light will cause it to die so make sure it gets ample amount of light.

Image of Ficus Bonsai.

Ficus Bonsai (Ficus Retusa)

The Bonsai plant is considered as a plant of longevity and wisdom in some cultures, and may give an air of a refinement to a house.

But they are difficult to keep due to the small range of temperature it can withstand and the lack of proper sun exposure may also cause it to die.
Place the bonsai plant near a window but also ensure that the temperature in that area does not fluctuate greatly.

For watering , water it often (2-3 days) they may tolerate some excess water but do not do so often. You may also water it when the soil is dry to touch on surface.
Use fertilizer if possible every 2 weeks to keep the plant healthy with some liquid fertilizers.

Tip: Cut off the branches of 2 leaves for every 6-8 that grow to to keep its relatively small size , this is also called prunning.

Image of Gardenia.

Gardenias (Gardenia augusta/Gardenia jasminoides)

The Gardenia plant is a pretty and graceful flower that gives of and pleasant aroma that may soothe the mind and allow one to feel happier when looking at it.

However it requires some extra care and maybe diffcult to grow for beginners who just started out, as one will have to make sure the light, temperature, acidity , humidity and water added are the optimal amount.

The Gardenia plant likes bright light as well as a moderate humidity(50%-59%) which means a moist atmostphere but so much that it is humid.
The temperature must also not be too cold and must be above 14 degrees celsius, it must also not have direct sunlight exposure for prolong periods.

Gardenias prefer moist soil meaning watering it only when the soil is dry by putting your finger into the soil.
If soil is dry, water it. If it is soggy and feels very wet like dipping a tissue in water , reduce the amount of water you give it and water it lesser as, soggy soil means you are over watering it.

Use slightly acidic soil around 5-6 pH, and pre-fertilized soil if you would like better effects or any fertilizer meant for Gardenias as they sell Gardenia specific soil at most florist shops.

Tip: when the Gardenia has bloomed , cut off some of the darker and sickly branches off to encourage. You may also want to look up other guides on prunning as it may help in the long run if you plan on keeping other more difficult plants.

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