3 plants that are not very difficult yet not easy to grow.

Image of Aloe Vera.

English Ivy (Hedera helix)

The English Ivy is a plant that can grow very long in width and can make a house look like a comfy gardern that can help calm your mind and destress from a day's work.

To keep nuture the English Ivy to have beautiful and lusious green leaves, place the plant at a place with lots of light but at the same time not being very hot as it may cause it to wilt.

The English Ivy can take a range of temperature, but not rapid fluctuations in temperature.

When watering the English Ivy besure that the top layer of soil is dry before watering.
For Fertilizers use balanced soluble liquid fertilizers once a month on top of the soil.

Tip: to prevent dust and pest from growing on the leaves lightly spray it every so often.

Image of Aloe Vera.

Azaleas (Rhododendron)

The Azaleas are a type of flowering shrub that comes in a varity of vivid colors from pink to yellow. This can help spice up the ordinary looking house to look like a house filled with life.

Azalea tend to do better alone so do not bundle too many up together , planting them in the soil requires you to plant it not as deep as other plants as Azaleas have shallow roots.

Azaleas also require a well drain pot as well as slightly acidic soil(pH 4.5 -6) to grow properly.
Water it every few day(2-3) but do not over water the plant as it may cause the roots to rot.

Add some organic matter like dead leaves ,Wood based Saw dust or pine straw to help keep the soil nutrient rich. This process is also know as Mulch.

Tip: Do not place it under direct sunlight as it may cause the leaves to burn instead place them slight away from it as too little light may cause it to fade in color and grow slower.

Image of Aloe Vera.

Common thyme (Thymus vulgaris)

Thyme is a very common herb and there are many differnt thyme species some used for cooking others for essential oils, , however the one we will be discussing tody will be the common thyme or garden thyme another name for it.

The Common thyme has many uses often used raw for salads as well as a spice that gives of a grass aroma that goes well with mushrooms when grinded into small bits and sprinkling it over the mushrooms. The flowers the thyme grows can also be used for tea. For easier reading I will be refering Common thyme to just thyme in this article.

Thymes is recommended to be grown in a clay pot as it allows it to dry between watering as thymes may die when they have overly wet roots the pot should also have at least 1 large drainage hole. Water them when every few days(2-3) and allow the pot to dry before watering them.

Tip: remember when harvesting thyme simply let ur thumb and index finger run through the stem and collect only the leaves.

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